The Cape Candle $29

A fresh and cool scented candle, inspired by a winter surfing escape to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 

Learn About Our Mission to Support the Local Environment

Highest quality fine fragrance oils, safe and non-toxic, blended by Abbott's Master Perfumers.

100% natural soy wax; vegan and cruelty free.

40 to 50 hour burn time. 


Meet our Perfumer, Antoine Lie

Our sailboat cut through the sea, leaving a razor sharp wake. The sun was strong, but the air crisp and salty. The sting of ocean spray left our skin cool and our minds alert.

  • Top Note Mint
  • Mid Note Ginger
  • Base Note Moss

Always Safe: We use the cleanest and safest ingredients possible: no parabens, no allergens, no phlatates and no sulfates. Fine fragrances do not need to be toxic or irritating.

Always Conscious: We never use animal products, all of our fragrances are cruelty-free and we choose ingredients that have the least possible impact on the natural environment.

Commitment to Performance: We will always strive to do the right thing, and we do it without ever sacrificing product performance and fragrance artistry. You don’t have to compromise.

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41.6787°N, 70.4789°W

Adventure to The Cape