Are the ingredients in Abbott colognes all natural?

Although many fragrance brands label their products as natural, most perfumes contain 80% synthetic materials. At Abbott, we believe in honesty and are committed to the highest possible quality. We use a careful mix of natural and synthetic materials to ensure precision, safety and environmental sustainability.

How should I apply my cologne?

Start with one spray on each wrist. Each scent will evolve and mature as you wear it, with distinct top notes, mid notes, and base notes, and we want you to experience them all.

How do I find a scent right for me?

When you purchase a Try-On Kit, we’ll send you small vials of each of our four scents. When you get dressed, you select clothes based on the day, season, or event. Abbott believes in bringing that same sense of choice to cologne. Choose one signature scent or rotate between a few, seeing which speaks to you.

Where do you ship?

Abbott ships anywhere in the continental United States. We hope to expand soon.

What’s the return policy? 

We do not accept returns. We encourage you to take advantage of our Home Try-On Program so you can test out all of our colognes before you buy one.

Why do I have to pay for samples?

Because our fragrance is best experienced over time, an Abbott Try-On Kit contains enough cologne for a month. We’re happy to provide generous samples, and we sell them to you at cost.