Pledge To Clean Beach Week

Seventy-one percent of our Earth's surface is covered by the ocean. That's a lot of water, son. Water is an element essential for human life. Aside from the scary consequences of having our most significant source of water polluted, can you imagine the effects on marine life and our beaches? 

As City Escape Artists, we care for the spaces and the inhabitants that enrich our lives. Inspired by The Cape, we'll be cleaning beaches for a week in July. Perhaps, taking care of each other and our environment is the new American Dream. Learn more about why and how you can join us.

The Clean Beaches Coalition (CBC) is a network of coastal organizations and individuals committed to promoting clean, healthy and well managed beaches around the world.  

Since 2003, the CBC has organized Clean Beach Week from July 1st to the 7th as a celebration of a "clean beach" lifestyle. Meant to serve as the "Earth Day" for beaches, it provides awareness to waste on marine life and our coastal landscape.

Pledge to the following:

  • Enjoy some time at the beach with family and friends. Escape the city and celebrate the summer festivities together. Together, pledge to leave no trace that you've been there. Take the kids for a round. Make some memories, build some traditions. Collect shells and pick up some trash. Teach them about our beaches and the importance of our oceans.
  • If you are open to a little extra work, take an extra trash bag and gloves to pick up excess trash left behind by others. Stay clear of any sharp or unknown objects.
  • Lastly, stay mindful throughout the week. Maybe venture out to the beach a few more times than you normally would, and take a small trash bag to do your part.

Cape Cod has a special place in our hearts. A winter surfing getaway to Cape Cod, Massachusetts inspired one of our favorite scents. Help us conserve one of our escapes.

The Association Preserve Cape Cod is the region's leading nonprofit environmental organization. They work for the adoption of laws, policies and programs that protect and enhance Cape Cod's natural resources and quality of life.

Learn more about how to donate, volunteer, or get involved with any of their projects.

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