The Story of Montecito

A road trip down California's famous PCH started as a surfing extravaganza and ended in a bottled scent.

In the blink of an eye, this California escape inspired one of Abbott's clean fragrances. And so it began...

Overlooking the Pacific, Jose started to whip up a profile on the back of a notebook, scribbling discoveries on the landscape and local vibes that had captured them both. Intrigued by the old-timer glam, Michael jotted down points on history and culture. Together, their notes revealed a tale of Italian influence since the early 1900s, citrus groves on hillside properties, and the unforgettable and irreplaceable allure of Hollywood in the early '30s.
The sunset drives through the valley from mountain to coastline demanded smooth tunes with an edge to complement the soft purple sky and tart zesty breeze. The itch for a scent surfaced. The longer they stayed, the thicker the charm, and with that, track by track, a playlist followed.

The New Orange Bottle

Picking the color brings it all together. The vibe, scents, and landscape are captured at first glance. In our eyes, Montecito is a soft blush orange for the beautiful warm sunsets and the smell of citrus groves that dances with the sea salt air.

"Montecito fills the senses, from the majestic cliffs to the crashing waves, to create a peaceful serenity."

Abbott Perfumer, Steven Claisse

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