Morning Ritual Guide

You can’t always trust the first thought you have when you wake up in the morning. The thread count is high, and who doesn’t love a good snooze? However, the second thought is usually a product of the mindset you’ve been nurturing. Morning rituals are the gateway to positive thoughts. It’s when the self-talk begins which is why we’re all hungry to learn more about what we should be doing. Here are a few basics to tackle before you walk out the door.

Make Your Bed: Navy Seals make their bed every morning, and many have discussed the benefits of adding this to your morning ritual. It means "the day has started" and it is the first accomplishment of many. Start your morning with a little bit of order and pure satisfaction.

Meditate: Your mind is as active as a Google Search tab. You will need to train your mind to settle down to achieve clarity from all the random (and harmful) pop-ups. There is a vast amount of peace and positive energy inside of you, just waiting to be tapped into. Start with 2-6 minutes every morning, sitting up in bed and repeating a soothing word over and over as thoughts creep in. Ease into the certainty that the universe is there for the taking. 

Coffee & A Good Line:Once you've made your bed, give your body a boost. Whether it's coffee, chai, or lemon with water, drink something to mark the start of your day. Buy a special morning set. Make it for yourself, sit down and read something positive. Even if it's just a few motivational lines from your favorite blog or a page or two from a book, enjoy your first intakes together. If you start your day feeling good, it'll be harder to shake the feeling that the rest of the day has more of that to offer.

Daily Edge: Routines are important, but it's also essential to add wiggle room for growth. Find something every morning that you shy away from. Whether it's waking up early for the 3-mile run that you couldn't get in last night, admitting to yourself that you're in a funk, or walking to work instead of taking the subway. Add an edge. Remind yourself how good it feels to try new things. The smallest efforts go a long way, especially in the AM.

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