Love Actually


In a couple of days, you’re going to wake up and encounter a swarm of red roses and stuffed bears all the way to the office.

Yes, it’s that time of year again: V-Day. We are all for celebrating love at Abbott, but why do it on a designated day? There is no better time than now to bring awareness to the special connections in your life. Here is a list of things you can do to make that special someone feel it year 'round. Because love actually is an er’day thing.

Plot Twist: There’s gotta be something that your partner has probably mentioned a few times that you missed as you settled in from a long day. Whether it’s a spa day you’ve been avoiding, a chick flick night, or a hike, things fall through the cracks. It might be as simple as picking someone up from work or picking up their favorite ice cream. Figure out what experience your partner’s been craving and plan an unexpected gesture.

Sweet Nothings: Some days, it’s hard to catch a breath. On others, the music’s right, the coffee is hot, and the whole walk to work, you’re smiling because life is good. Someone special is usually at the center of that. So whether you said via text message, a Post-It on the mirror or a written message on a Bagel bag, let someone know how you feel. The randomness of appreciation is actually the most thrilling for both ends.

Walk It Out: The casual conversations that come with walking are usually the best way to stay connected. Leave your phone at home, go for a walk. Walk towards a beer or towards dessert, but whatever you do, do it together.

The Sundays:  When most of us look back on recent years, our fondest memories of each decade were usually shared with our closests and mostest on Sundays. Start a Sunday ritual with your partner. Include something quick and easy that each of you enjoys and then the tail end it with something that makes you both ready to waltz into Monday.

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