City Escape Artist: Seoul Surfer, Jun Lee

From Seoul to Chile, Jun Lee has culture hopped for most of her life. An avid surfer and samba dancer, Jun began to study green medicine while recovering from a sports injury which led to the creation of her first product, Surf Mud. A venture that blossomed into EIR NYC, a full line of skincare products booming out of the concrete jungle. Read on to learn more about Jun.

Jun, we heard you went on a surf escape recently, where to? I went to Cabarete, DR.

How is Caberte, DR different from anywhere else you’ve been? We love the food! Also, it only takes about 3 hours to get there, almost the same amount of time as going to the Hamptons.

Where did you stay? What did you eat? We stayed in the Sea Horse Ranch and we had tons of Arroz con Pollo and lots of ceviche.

What did mornings smell like there? Mornings smells like fresh earth, almost like vetiver.

What does Seoul smell like to you? Seoul is super urban. I was there 3 years ago and it smelled like korean food! Especially street vendors selling chestnuts and sweet potatoes.

Chile? I was in Chile when I was young and I remember very distinctly the smell of old cars, like 80’s stick shift car smell.

How about NYC? New York city smells of morning bagels.

How long have you been a NYC local? Neighborhood? Favorite spot? I’ve been in NYC for 26 years. I’ve been in Clinton Hill for 22 years. I really love my neighborhood, it’s my home. I love that I can hear a woodpecker outside my windows in the mornings.

Tell us about your company, Eir NYC. How is it connected to scent appreciation? Eir has been created during my recovery process from shoulder surgery. I wanted to create products that I can use for my pain and recovery that felt clean (including suncare). All scents and essential oils we use, have a purpose, i.e Spike lavender for inflammation, Fir Needle, deodorizer, Eucalyptus, germicidal. So the scents actually have a purpose.

We know that Eir products are designed to leave a smaller footprint. What is a small suggestion that you can share with readers to make a difference in their everyday lives? We love our sustainable sunblock, Surf Mud pro which it’s packaging is biodegradable (paper). I try to use very little plastic, carrying my own shopping bags, using re-usable silicon ziplock and waterproof pouches for travel. I am also very keen on shampoo bars!

You focus on green medicine, are there particular herbal scents that are underestimated? What’s your favorite note to incorporate? I love Cypress essential oil, it is very utilitarian and very healing, treats both external and internal wounds, and it prevents infections. Also known to fight bacteria on the skin. I love woodsy sagy notes.

What Abbott scent most connects with you? My favorite is Mojave!

As an outdoor enthusiast, what natural experiences makes you most mindful? I love surfing! But sometimes it can be challenging with the crowds. I love hiking early mornings, and especially in the winter, as I can enjoy the silence and solitude and get perspective from the busy life.


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