Mojave Candle $29

A light, citrusy and spicy scented candle, inspired by California's Mojave desert.

Learn About Our Mission to Support the Local Environment

Highest quality fine fragrance oils, safe and non-toxic, blended by Abbott's Master Perfumers.

100% natural soy wax; vegan and cruelty free.

40-50 hour burn time.


Meet our Perfumer, Steven Claisse

We gazed out at the sandy expanse. The scorched land was dotted with dustybrush and the occasional desert flower. The morning burned off, leaving behind a dry, spicy aroma.

  • Top Note Bergamot
  • Mid Note Black Pepper
  • Base Note Tobacco Leaf

Always Safe: We use the cleanest and safest ingredients possible: no parabens, no allergens, no phlatates and no sulfates. Fine fragrances do not need to be toxic or irritating.

Always Conscious: We never use animal products, all of our fragrances are cruelty-free and we choose ingredients that have the least possible impact on the natural environment.

Commitment to Performance: We will always strive to do the right thing, and we do it without ever sacrificing product performance and fragrance artistry. You don’t have to compromise.

35.4166°N, 115.5842°W

Adventure to Mojave