3 Clean Ways to Celebrate Mother in Nature

Our clean fragrances are inspired by nature. We are also inspired by the women and mothers in our lives. This Mother's Day it makes sense to celebrate these two inspirations together.

Check out 3 ways to celebrate Supermoms while appreciating natural escapes to bring the whole family together in the most organic of ways.

By The Water

If you've got access to water, take Mom out for coastal escape. Imagine a perfect picnic by the sea!

Keep it simple, so the focus is on walking on the shore and connecting. Pack a blanket, some sandwiches, sweet treats, and a speaker for a relaxing afternoon.

For extra points with Mother Nature, take a few bags lying around the house and collect some trash as you walk and catch up. Make sure to add gloves or a pick in case you encounter some glass or sharp objects.

Who knows, this feel-good trip may become a tradition. 

Bike Ride

Whether it's paved or dirt, bike paths are a great way to get out of the house and feel like a kid again. This is great if it's just you and Mom or something for the whole family to share. For a more enriching experience get outside of the city. Venturing out into the unknown is a great way to discover future day trips within driving distances. Pick a destination to end, so you set up camp and bond a little before heading back home. Remember to pack a post-hike snack that Mom will love!

Discover Together

Depending on where you are, your type of escape options will vary. Whether you're near a National Park or near the ocean, scout out the locations around you and discover something new or forgotten together. Read up on some facts, history, and also some of the attractions that these your destination has to offer. Take your favorite Mother bird watching, canoeing, or hike up to a soul-opening view. Whatever it is, do it outdoors and do it together. That's all Mom really wants.

Before heading back, gift your favorite Mother a scented candle as a souvenir of your time together. 

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