New Spring Essentials Guide

The changing of the seasons has always brought a shift to those who experience them. The changes in the weather, the ability to be out longer, and more light all contribute to our moods and emotions.

This Spring, take the time to do some internal spring cleaning and re-define what's essential for you.

Scroll down for a list of ideas on how you can revisit and revamp your perspective and goals this season.

Morning Routine

How you start the day is important. It is said that most battles are won in the morning. Before the world starts a conversation with you, it's good to get through a list of things that'll center you and remind you what you are thankful for, what you are craving, and what you are ready to tackle. 

This spring, add some elements to your routine that touch on the following points:

  • Something that inspires you. Read something or listen to someone that inspires you. Get that kick of energy way before you can doubt it. 
  • Something that is good for you. If you've been thinking starting your mornings with hot water and lemon or some kind of power juice, add it in. Give your body something good. 
  • Something that smells good. Whether it's applying your favorite Abbott personal scent or lighting some incense, use natural scents to get your senses up and working early on. 

The start of every day should invigorating. Each of us has to find the simple path to positive energy and a feel good start. They will help you combat through morning anxieties and doubt. Before you know it, Spring could be the season that taught you how to hop out of bed every morning.


You need an escape. Not a vacation or a extravagant trip around the world, but something that reminds you how lucky you are to be here and the whole lot of things that you can experience and learn while you are here. This Spring, whether it's visiting a different park, driving out to the beach, or hiking a new trail, get out there. 

Get off your phone. Get off email. Stop thinking about exercise, exercise. Stop thinking about escaping, escape. To survive and thrive, you need to refresh. Natural escapes will do that free of charge. It'll remind you what your body can do, what you can enjoy, and at the end, who couldn't use a good sunset?

Evening Routine

Wrapping it up is important which is why an evening ritual is as centering as a morning one. Conquering the week starts here.

Pick a bed time and stick to it. As they used to say in school, "Pencils down." Drop what you are doing. Put your phone away and about an hour before your bed time, start the wind down.

If a warm bath or evening tea sound enjoyable, go for it. If it's good for you and will help you enjoy your routine, do it.

After you get through the basic brushing and lotions, considering adding a few drops of lavender oil to the mix. Placing this behind your ear can be quite soothing.

If this sounds like a wind down ritual, it is. Do it every day and your mind and body will pick up that it's time for bed. If you've still got a little energy in you, have a light read or indulge in some pillow talk. 

Truth is---if you want to sleep like a baby, you're gonna have to follow the format. Bed time and all. 

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